What is Calming Heat Pad?

The official website ( claims Calming Heat to be the world’s first weighted heating pad. Calming Heat Pad is made by the same company “Calming Comfort” that made the much acclaimed Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket. The Calming Heat official website ( claims to bring together the benefits of a weighted blanket and a heating pad. The Calming Heat weighted heating pad claims to feature high-density comfort fill(?) that supposedly provides the right amount of pressure to direct soothing heat right into your muscles for deep penetrating relief.

Calming Heated Pad

How does Calming Heat Pad work?

The portable, light, weighted designed pad comes with 6 adjustable heat settings. Weighted clay bead and inbuilt massaging vibrations provide soothing heat and pressure therapy to the needed pressure points. A custom control thermostat allows the preferred temperature level to provide suitable heat to any part of the body. Energy-saving adjustable heating level and auto cut off feature help to save power. The anti-slip and skin-friendly fabric offers a comfortable feeling to the skin. The soft-touch material adds ease to your posture and helps you regain your mobility.

Why Calming Heat Pad?

Heat Therapy

Soothing Pressure Therapy

Massaging Vibrations

Soft & Luxurious Material

Supposed Benefits of Calming Heat Pad

Calming Heat weighted heating pad claims to be ideal for relaxing muscle aches, soothing stiff joints, relieving arthritis pain and even relieving menstrual cramps. The ordinary heating pads are just too light and so the heat disperses in the air and very little heat makes its way in to the muscles. The Calming Heat’s “weight” directs the soothing heat directly in to the muscles and joints for faster pain relief, so it claims. Calming Heat pad reduces muscle tension and helps to boost blood circulation. The pad is chemical free and safe for your body and skin. The muscles get relaxed due to the instant deep penetrative heat. The electric pad is convenient to use for back, neck, shoulders, and stomach (menstrual cramps) while sitting or lying down posture. The heat pad is hazardous free.

Calming Heat Pad Price


Calming Heat is available at the official website ONLY and comes in three versions:

The basic Calming Heat Pad version is “Soothing Heat Only” and is priced at $49.99 + $6.99 S/h. According to the official website, this is in stock and ready to ship!

Heat + Massaging Vibration MODEL OF Calming Heat costs $59.99. Pre-Order Only!

There is the third model, featuring Heat + Massaging Vibration functions but comes with 9 Settings. The cost is $69.99

All Calming Heat Pad models come with 1-year warranty and does not have a 30-day money back guarantee associated with as seen on tv items.


Features of Calming Heat Pad

Settings – Calming Heat Pad has 6 heat settings. Heat settings and on/of are controlled by LCD digital controller. Options of six heat settings are more than enough to get that perfect warmth.

Cord Length – Calming Heat Pad features 9 foot long cord which means you have greater freedom and are not tied up.

Calming Heat Pad Sizes – The as seen on tv weighted heating pad comes in only King Size (12? X 24?). It is big enough to cover any body part – back, thighs, arm, neck and shoulder, abdomen etc.

Auto-Shut Off – The Calming Heat pad shuts off automatically after 2 hours.

Material – It is made from 100% polyester fiber, the inside of the Calming Heat Pad is filled with clay beads.

Dimensions – 24 inches long x 12 inches wide, big enough to cover your entire back.

Where is it made – CHINA

Safety Features – The heating unit automatically shuts off after 2 hours in basic and the deluxe model. The deluxe model also has an auto shut off for the vibration mode after 15 minutes.

Calming Heat Pad Instructions/Do’s and Don’ts

DO NOT Put the Calming Heat in the Washing Machine. To clean, wipe it with a damp cloth.

DO NOT lean on the Calming Heat unit.

DO NOT have to sleep with Calming unit under you. This can cause burn injuries.

DO NOT let children use this pad.

Do not use the Calming Heat pad on infants or animals.

People with diabetes or poor blood circulation should not use Calming Heat.

Do not use the pad on areas where the skin is insensitive.

Do not fasten the pad to the body.

Do not fold the pad

The Calming Heat pad is supposed to be placed on top the area to be treated and not under your body.

Calming Heat is not waterproof. Do not spray water mist on the Calming Heat pad to make it moist.

Do not dry clean.

Summary of Calming Heat Pad Review


It would be best if you are really sure before buying the heat pad. The recommendations presented for a lightweight pad may not be suitable for all. The regular heat pad compression gives the same stability and support. Any marketed heat pad is a quick pain-relieving agent for people who suffer from sore muscles or joint aches. No battery backup is available. Please read the complete Calming Heat Pad review here.

Calming Heat Pad Alternatives

Heat therapy pads are a new trending remedy to reduce any pain or muscle spasm. The calming heat pad is not one of the best options available, as it may lead to skin burns due to overuse the latest heating pad wrap is wearable and covers your back, shoulder, and neck area and doesn’t restrict your movements.