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  • What is Moist Heat and Does Calming Heat Have It? - What is Moist Heat? Moist heat is basically a wet heat source that facilitates penetration of heat into muscles to provide relief to joints, ligaments sore muscles. What is Dry Heat? Dry heat refers to any source of heat that uses no moisture to provide warmth into skin. It is a kind of heat therapy… Continue Reading
  • Can you use Calming Heat Pad for Fibromyalgia? - What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a muscle disorder that causes pain, stiffness and tenderness of muscles, ligaments and joints. It is not the same as arthritis as it is a chronic condition that usually is not aggravated over time. The impact of Fibromyalgia goes beyond physical agony as it usually involves chronic fatigue, agitated sleep,… Continue Reading
  • Calming Heat Pad vs Hot Water Bottle - Soothing heat is mainly used to treat non-inflammatory pain and for relaxation and comfort. Heat also relieves pain originating from muscle spasms, joint stiffness and cramps. Rubber hot bottles have been a tried and tested source of local therapeutic heat for centuries. Calming Heat Pad and hot water bottle employ heat therapy that provides soothing… Continue Reading
  • Compare Calming Heat Pad with Sunbeam, Conair and Pure Enrichment - Electric Heating Pads to an extent have replaced hot water bottles because of the benefits they offer over bags and bottles. Electric heating pads are a great way of treating superficial pains like lower back pain, spasms and strains arising from exercises etc. Electric heating pads have several benefits over hot water bottle/bags. Heating pads… Continue Reading
  • Does Calming Heat Work for Neck and Shoulder Pain - Calming Heat as a Heating Pad for Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain ‘Medical’ or ‘Health’ related products like the "As Seen On TV" Calming Heat, a heating pad that claims in its review to relieve you of neck and shoulder pain when used. According to the makers of Calming Heat, it has been designed… Continue Reading
  • Calming Heat Heating Pad REVIEW | Does “Weighted” Heating Pad by Sharper Image work? - So you have seen the Calming Heat "Weighted Heated Pad" on the TV and want to know if it really works. This is the most authentic REVIEW of the Calming Heat Pad. To summarize the review - "Calming Heat is overrated, does not work as promised, makes false claims and there are better alternatives available."… Continue Reading