What is Calming Heat Cordless?

Calming Heat Cordless is a 9.5″ X 12″ portable cordless massage weighted heating pad that claims to combine weight, heat, and massage to deliver soothing relief when and where you need it! Calming Heat Cordless has massaging vibrations with 3 optional vibration settings to provide a comfortable massaging sensation.

Calming Heat Cordless Review | Does CalmingHeatCordless.com Work?

It’s portable cordless design allows you to take it wherever you go so you can get calming soothing relief anytime you need it. So you can even carry it with you to your workplace, especially if experience aches and pains at your job.

Designed with integrated removable, adjustable straps that are hands-free, the Calming Heat Cordless can extend up to 55″ around. This means that the heating pad easily wraps around practically any user’s body.

This cordless massage weighted heating pad features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 4 hours on a single charge on low setting. Its easy-to-use battery unit fits comfortably into the pad pouch. It is also machine washable making it easy to clean.

Calming Heat Cordless Uses


How does CalmingHeatCordless.com work?

According to the website, calmingheatcordless.com, Calming Heat Cordless heating pad is packed with weighted clay beads that deliver soothing heat and the calming benefits of soothing pressure therapy. And its massaging vibration helps to relax muscular pain and tension in various parts of the body, including the back, the shoulders, and the legs leaving you with the ultimate calming comfort experience.




What does it Claim to do?

Designed with 3 Therapeutic Heat Settings, Calming Heat Cordless heats up quickly in just 30 seconds and claims to deliver relief for symptoms associated with muscle tension and stress. It also claims to help increase blood flow to the source of pain. The clay beads and massaging vibration delivers a soothing light pressure therapy to your muscles.



Calming Heat Cordless Review

Benefits of Cordless Calming Heat over Corded Calming Heat

The mobility and durability of the Cordless Calming Heat make it a better option that the Corded Calming Heat. Since it is portable and compact, you can take it with you wherever you go. The Cordless Calming Heat measures 9.5″ X 12″ and the Corded Calming Heat measures 12″ X 24″ so it is inconvenient to use on the shoulder and neck. The perfectly sized Cordless Calming Heat fits the neck and shoulder area easily making it the more convenient to use. The Cordless Calming Heat is machine washable but the Corded Calming Heat does not come with clear cut cleaning instructions. It doesn’t seem to be suitable to put the fabric parts in the washing machine, in case it gets damaged.


Complaints of Calming Heat Cordless

Reviewers are happy with the Calming Heat Cordless and say that it is a well-made, sturdy portable heating belt/pad. It produces enough diffuse heat to help dilate blood vessels increasing the supply of blood to painful and muscles. The inner surface reaches a safe temperature of approximately 40 to 42 degrees C (104 to 107 degrees F.) and the included Li Ion battery powers the belt for approximately 3 hours when new. The battery pack does add major bulk & weight to the belt, but since it can be oriented to one side it is not a problem when sitting in a chair. 4 to 6 hours is the approximate charging time for a new battery pack. If you use a computer USB port for charging (not recommended), it may take as long as 24 hours to charge.

There are a number of reviews that complain of early battery let-down in the Calming Heat Cordless. This is most normally caused by allowing the battery to discharge and leaving it in the discharged state for a number of weeks. Even when not in use, the battery pack should be kept charged by connecting it to the (supplied) charger after every use, and also once a month if not used. If maintained well, the battery pack should last several years.

Another major drawback that reviewers complain about is that the battery gets exhausted faster than they had expected at the higher of the two heat settings, lasting less than two hours, and it takes a relatively long time to fully recharge.

Happy with the Calming Heat Cordless, one reviewer writes that she bought it to use on an overseas flight. She also uses it at home and loves it. She adds that for those who have complained that it doesn’t get hot enough, the instruction pamphlet says that it doesn’t have to get as hot as a regular heating pad to do the job because of the Infrared aspect. She feels that it has helped ease her back muscle pain on the low setting. She does have to reposition the battery pack for comfort. She adds that it takes a long time to charge the battery but overall she is very pleased with the Calming Heat Cordless.

Disappointed with the Calming Heat Cordless, another reviewer complains that it does not heat enough for true pain management in the hip or back but can give relief due to menstrual cramps. She wouldn’t recommend it for arthritis pain but definitely for a tummy upset.

One review states that she has used the Calming Heat Cordless twice on her camping trips but the battery lasted less than 2 hours. Another review mentions that his wife uses the Calming Heat Cordless at work. But it does not heat at high temperatures.

Several reviewers are disappointed with the Calming Heat Cordless saying that it does not provide enough heat for pain relief. It also doesn’t stay hot for long enough and doesn’t stay hot throughout the day. Reviewers write that it won’t work for someone who has severe back issues or those who have undergone back surgeries.