So you have seen the Calming Heat “Weighted Heated Pad” on the TV and want to know if it really works. This is the most authentic REVIEW of the Calming Heat Pad. To summarize the review – “Calming Heat is overrated, does not work as promised, makes false claims and there are better alternatives available.”

Calming Heated Pad
Calming Heat works best on the BACK. Image Source:

Calming Heat REVIEW

A user mentions in his Sharper Image Calming Heat Pad review that “weighted heating pad” is the most stupid idea. You can as well use a regular heating pad and just wrap it with a towel to create the pressure. As Seen On TV industry often comes up with products that claim to have great value theoretically but have very little practical value. “Calming Heat” is one such product.



It doesn’t take a lot of neural power to understand that wrapping a regular heating pad would give the same results. One Calming Heat user points out in his review that if this concept of “weighted heating pads” had really worked and was really that efficient then healthcare companies would have come up with these pads much earlier. The reason why they did not make something like Sharper Image “Calming Heat Pad” is because it does not help much. While the Calming Heat would still come in handy, the weighted feature is useless.

The makers [SharperImage] of Calming Heat want to ride on the success of “weighted blankets”. Weighted blankets are selling like crazy and Americans now buy anything that has the word “weighted” in it. This situation is being exploited by these infomercial companies and Sharper Image Calming Heat is just one example of it.



Okay for Basic Therapeutic Heating

Customers who have used Sharper Image Calming Heat Pad have posted mixed opinions of this product. Quite a few users have appreciated different aspects of this heating pad in their reviews. Some more users have written in that it can be relied upon for competent performance. They say that it’s a value for money product with which they are quite happy. They have earnestly recommended its use for anyone seeking warmth and comfort from a heating pad as it’s designed to deliver just that.


Well-Designed and Reliable

A person who has been using the Calming Heat Pad since some weeks has said in his review that she likes its texture as well as the size, which she feels are yielding desired results. Some have also noted the quality of its cover, which they find very smooth, comforting and fabulous. They have said keenly that they are happy with it and have been using it for close to a year, which is quite decent considering the quality of most products today.


Soft and Pampering

A number of customer reviews appreciate the softness of Calming Heat Pad. They say it feels like fleece and is very gentle. It feels really soothing when it becomes warm. They say they love using it and look forward to the time they settle in bed with it after a hard day’s work.




Reviews Indicating Areas that Need Improvement

Uncomfortable texture and Make: On the other hand, there are numerous reviews of the Sharper Image Calming Heat Pad that reveal its shortcomings. Some customers find it extremely bulky and packed with nothing but flawed performance. Quite a few have said that heating pads normally come with clear instructions about the method of using them. They specify methods of use like not lying down on them, but in the case of Calming Heat Pad, one has to put in on back while sitting. It’s not a comfortable way to use it as it has problems like the wire coils that actually protrude out of it. It’s very uncomfortable to use it if you don’t just lie on it without moving, which is difficult.


Short-lived Quality

A customer who sent in her review of the Calming Heat Pad has said that she was initially happy with it as it seemed durable and reliable. She thought she can expect it to last long, but it started giving trouble within nine months of use. She says that the Sharper Image Calming Heat Pad heats up completely erratically. it doesn’t work every single time it is switched on. It speaks volumes about its unexceptional quality and works so inconsistently that one simply can’t rely on it on a long-term basis. She feels she should have bought another brand, which would have worked better. Some more users have also said that they could use it regularly for less than a year even though the advertisers claimed it works much longer.


No Remote Control, Cumbersome to Navigate Manually

One of the glaring drawbacks of the Calming Heat Pad is that it does not come with a remote control. It has to be operated manually, which is something that creates hassles. One has to change the settings manually. which makes it very inconvenient and time-consuming. Worse, it comes with three different heat settings meant to cater to different needs. Dissatisfied customers have stated that the level of heat that it gives out seems completely inconsistent sometimes. As a result, quite a few customers have said they have to keep changing its levels to get same results. Another problem that users have pointed out is erratic heating behavior of the heating pad. A user says while Hot seems alright one day, it turns scorching hot the next time Low becomes High on some days and High seems mild on others. Further, some customers have complained that its controller becomes hot, which makes holding it difficult. There appears to be no way to have control over the operation of the heating pad as it has no proper dial or other features to manage it. Another problem with the Calming Heat Pad is that its plug is too big, which makes it appear bizarre.



Complaints about Discomfort and Mediocre Design

Calming Heat Pad, according to reviews of other users, does not settle around the neck comfortably when wrapped. It doesn’t offer stability and feels too light to provide comfort when wrapped around. Another customer has written in her review that its size is much smaller. She’s complained that it doesn’t cover her shoulder, forget her elbows, which some brands do. Another aspect of the heating pad that’s generating complaints is its dimensions. It is too elongated in some places but very narrow where it shouldn’t be. There’s no way to fasten it properly on the body as it has no straps or ties to keep it stable. It also doesn’t provide deep heating as it can’t go deep into the muscular parts of the body. It therefore, cannot treat chronic pain, which quite a few customers have said they suffer.


Difficult to Clean and Manage

Other complaints about the Calming Heat Pad concern difficulty in washing it. Many customers are exasperated and still don’t know exactly how to clean it properly. The instructions are not very clear. It doesn’t seem suitable to dismantle it and put the fabric parts in the washing machine, lest it gets damaged. Some users spray water on it and try to clean, but it doesn’t seem to work. Some customers have even complained that the heating pad was actually reeking of foul smell when it arrived. They are wondering how a new product can be smelly, even though it’s some chemical. Some of them decided to return it, but it was a difficult procedure which dragged on. Some customers have even complained that its delivery service is pathetic. Either it may never be shipped or there will be unreasonable delay in it.




Calming Heat Questions and Answers

How does Calming Heat Compare to a Hot Water Bottle

The good old hot water bottle has many advantages on the Calming Heat Pad with the biggest advantage being the price. Hot Water Bottle is one sixth the price of a Calming Heat Pad but gets the job done. Read the complete comparison here.


Is Calming Heat the only heating pad out there?

Nope. There are several other electric heating pads like the Sunbeam, Conair and Pure Enrichment. The Sharper Image Calming Heat is the most expensive of them all. Read the complete comparison here.


Does the Calming Heat work for Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Nope. The Calming Heat Pad is too big to be used effectively and conveniently on the shoulder and neck. More information here.


What sets Calming Heat apart from other Electric Heating Pads?

The vibration feature, the so-called weighted design and the high price of the pad sets it apart from the other electric pads.


Does Calming Heat work for Fibromyalgia?

The dry heat produced by the Sharper Image Calming Heat does not penetrate deep enough to treat pain caused by Fibromyalgia.


How to wash the Calming Heat?

The Sharper Image Calming Heat is not machine washable. You have to spot clean the pad with a damp cloth. So be careful, don’t spill anything on the pad as is it could be stained easily.



How long does the heat last after you shut off the Calming Heat Pad

Unfortunately the moment you shut off the Calming Pad, the unit begins to cool off immediately and within 5 minutes the pad is completely cooled.


How high does the pad get?

There are three temperature settings with the highest setting producing heat of 150-160 degree Fahrenheit.


Is it FDA approved?

Nope the Sharper Image Calming Heat Pad is NOT FDA approved.


How long is the Cord?

It is 9 foot long. Quite long so that you don’t have to be always near the socket.


Does it have an Auto-Shut off?

Yes the Sharper Image Calming Heat Pad has a 2 hours auto-shut off to ensure the risk of fire hazard is minimized. This is not a pad that you can use all night. The auto-shut off is a standard feature of all therapeutic electric pads.


What is the Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty (Less P&H). There is no lifetime warranty like the Mighty Bliss.


Where is the Calming Heat Pad made?

Where everything else is made. CHINA.


What are the 6 settings?

There are three heat settings and three vibrations settings. Totaling 6.


What are the dimensions of the weighted pad?

The pad is 24 inches long x 12 inches wide.


Why does it NOT have a Moist Heat option?

Because you cannot spray water on the Sharper Image Calming Heat pad to make it damp to produce moist heat.


Can you lay on the pad?

No you cannot.


Is there anything to the “weighted” feature?

Not really. It is just a regular size pad with clay beads inside. How much weight do you think these beads will have? Not much. Don’t try to exert pressure on the pad though to make it “weighted”, this may damage the interior electrical parts and can the probability of fire accident.



Does it have any odor?

Mild chemical odor that goes away eventually.


What is the Wattage?

85 watt. And 120 volts. 7 amps


Can I plug the Calming Heat in my car?

Nope. The Sharper Image Calming Heat cannot be plugged into the 12 volt socket of the car.


Will this work in a 220 volt socket?

Nope. This is meant only for 120 volt sockets.


Advantages of Calming Heat

Works well as heating pad. There isn’t anything much to say about the Calming Heat.


Disadvantages of Sharper Image Calming Heat Pad

  • Vibrations – Reviews sent to us by our testers reveal that the “Vibration” feature is provided by just a few (actually two) objects. The review warns not to expect the whole pad to vibrate. So if you want to get the vibration treatment for a specific part of your body, then you have to put the vibrating “puck” on that part of the body.
  • Expensive – Many buyers mention in their reviews that the Sharper Image Calming Heat pad is way too expensive. Priced at $40 and $10 for shipping, it is not at all worth the price.
  • Not Washable – Our product reviewer Paula Lee mentions in her review that the Calming Heat pad is not washable. She further explains in her review that because Calming Heat has the polypropylene (plastic) pellets in it to give “weight” to the pad, the Calming Heat pad is not washable.
  • Uneven Heat – Many users complain that heating pads like “Calming Heat” do not distribute heat evenly. After some use the heat distribution becomes uneven and certain patches of the pad become “too” hot, this makes using such pads inconvenient and irrelevant. Though this complaint is not specifically related to Calming Heat, given the history of quality of as seen on tv products, one can expect this.
  • Exorbitant Shipping Charges – The Calming Heat is available only at the official website and they charge $10 to ship the heating pad. So even if you decide to return it, you still have to pay $10 shipping.
  • Not a Branded Product – When we asked one Mr. Kevin Taylor if he would buy the Calming Heat weighted heating pad? he said straight NO. Given the connection of the Calming Heat product with “HEAT” and the quality of these infomercial products he would not go for it he said. Kevin said he would prefer a more branded heating pad from company that makes reliable healthcare products and has experience and history of making them. Calming Heat “potentially” poses serious fire risk he said in his review.
  • No Moist Heat Option – Calming Heat produces “dry heat” only. The dry heat absorbs all the moisture from the skin causing discomfort and itching. Many other heating pads come with a “Moist Heat” option which Calming Heat does not have.
  • Not Many Options in Sizes – Calming Heat comes in just one size, KING SIZE. This could be a big disadvantage given the fact that you may not require a big heating pad to relieve pain of specific areas.



Deceptive Marketing by Calming Heat Pad

The marketing practices of Calming Heat weighted heating pad are spurious. They make many hefty claims about their product which has no rationale basis. Lets analyze them:

  • Weight of Heating Pad – The Calming Heat claims to be weighted but the official website does not disclose the weight of the pad. Maybe there isn’t much weight difference between the regular heating pad and Calming Heat.
  • Deep Pressure Stimulation – A fancy name given to the heat therapy. Calming Heat weighted pad does not give “DEEP” massages. You need a trained and certified therapist to give you a deep tissue massage.
  • Relaxes Entire Body – Another unsubstantiated claim from Calming Heat. The pad can be used for individual body parts only. It is not big enough to give relief to entire body.

Our Verdict on “Weighted” Calming Heat Pad

Much has been said in the review part. We do not recommend the Calming Heat “weighted” heating pad. Just stick to the regular heating pad and wrap a towel on it to create the pressure, you will get the same results. Here are some of the tried and tested alternatives to the weighted Calming Heat.

  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief
  • Pure Enrichment PureRelief Heating Pad
  • MIGHTY BLISS™ Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

We recommend the Mighty Bliss Heating Pad over the Calming Heat.

  • Tried and Tested Electric Heating Pad with over 16000+ REVIEWS
  • Price – $36.17. 60% cheaper than the Calming Heat
  • 4.5 Star Rating
  • Heats Fast and Machine Washable
  • 87% 5-Star Reviews
  • Unlike Calming Heat – Moist and Dry Heat
  • Lifetime Replacement WARRANTY