What is Calming Heat Therma Mask?

It claims to be an innovative massaging weighted face mask that combines weight, heat, and massage to provide you with soothing relief from pain.

Calming Heat Therma Mask Review

Calming Heat Therma Mask combines weighted clay beads, soothing heat and massaging vibrations to offer you with the much needed relief. It promises to ease and offer relief from symptoms of allergies, headaches, migraines, sinusitis & stuffy nose. Deigned with moderate weight and a soft fabric, the Calming Heat Therma Mask promises to be the most ideal tool to relax after a long day.



How does Calming Heat Therma Mask work?

It states that its secret is targeted soothing heat that gets absorbed into the weighted clay beads, combined with the massaging vibration that brings gentle relief for allergy and sinus symptoms and headaches.

  • It employs safe, controlled heat to help loosen mucus.
  • Calming Heat Therma Mask alleges to contour to the shape of your face and nose.
  • Featuring an open eye design, the Calming Heat Therma Mask lets you continue your day as it is so you can watch TV, read a book etc.
  • With its adjustable strap you can also customize your mask as per your convenience and comfort.
  • Its 3 heat settings (between 105˚ and 140˚F) are perfect for you to feel the heat on your face.
  • It also features an Auto Safety Shutoff so you can peacefully go about your day without having to worry about whether or not you have turned off the plug.


Why Calming Heat Therma Mask Does Not Work?

Warm moist heat is known to help soothe sinus pain. This can be achieved by placing a warm damp towel around your nose, cheeks and eyes. Calming Heat Therma Mask uses the the same method [HEAT] but instead of using moist heat, it uses “dry heat” which many users find uncomfortable and inconvenient to use. Some users even suggest that sparing some time and placing a damp towel works far better than the Calming Heat Therma Mask. The problem with the Calming Heat Therma Mask is that it is very lightweight and does not provide the requisite pressure so the heat can penetrate the skin and offer relief from the pain. The weighted beads apply pressure on localize areas, they cannot apply even pressure around your forehead.



Does Calming Heat Therma Mask Work for Sinusitis

Treating Sinusitis at home is not as easy as wearing a fancy mask like the Calming Heat Therma while watching TV. A facial mask is just one step from a list of solutions you should adopt to treat Sinusitis at home, using the Calming Heat Therma Mask alone cannot give you the results. Here are the methods of treating Sinusitis:
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water.
  • Use a Neti-Pot for Nasal Irrigation.
  • Use a Humidifier around that would provide moist air.
  • Use Steam to unclog the mucus.
  • Use warm moist towel to compress the area the experiences pain.
  • Clear the sinuses with Eucalyptus oil
As you can see there are a number [at-least 6] of methods to treat Sinusitis at home. And the facial mask [like the Calming Heat Therma Mask] does not even feature in the list above. Based on the reviews, it is recommended to use a towel instead of the mask.


Calming Heat Therma Mask Price Review

You get 2 Calming Heat Therma Masks for the price of $49.99 + $6.99 S/h, i.e. $28.49 for one Calming Heat Therma Mask. The Calming Heat Therma Mask is available at the official website CHThermaMask.com/ only. You do not have the option to buy just one Calming Heat Therma Mask.


Calming Heat Therma Mask Review

Made of Cheap Material

One reviewer says that she was purchased the Calming Heat Therma Mask because she was looking for a “heated sinus relief” product. She felt genuinely confident in spending so much money on it, but after using it she says the mask is a cheap material with a very nice embroidered sniff relief. It has Velcro straps but there is nothing special about it at all. She warns: “DO NOT FALL FOR IT”. Another common complaint about the Calming Heat Therma Mask is that it is cheaply made and the metal piece warms up under thin fabric. Warm washcloth works much better, the reviews say.



Calming Heat Therma Mask Does Not Work

One of the major complaints about the Calming Heat Therma Mask is that it does not work as stated. The electric cord that has to be plugged in is extremely short so you are stuck by an outlet as long as you have it on, which beats the purpose of “wear it to work”, “wear it to bed”. Furthermore, the mask itself does not entirely heat up, only the metal structure heats up, which is not large enough to cover where your sinuses are.

Calming Heat Therma Mask Uses

Leaves Burn Marks on Skin

Reviewers write that they used the Calming Heat Therma Mask for a month or two and it took away their sinus pain but it left burn marks on their skin.


Burning Smell

Some reviewers mention that the Calming Heat Therma Mask suddenly started giving off a strong burning smell in the nose area. This is frightening, considering it sits on your face. You would expect more from something that cost almost $100. Some also complain that they are unable to return it for a refund, but cannot find a means to do so via Amazon’s site.


Cords and Wires Everywhere

One reviewer of the Calming Heat Therma Mask states that she bought it due to a terrible sinus problem. It turns out it is USB powered. The cord doesn’t stay in place, so it just blinks at all night. It doesn’t work well at all and she doesn’t recommend it. Another reviewer complains that the cords and wires are everywhere. It is also impossible to move about.



Does Not Cover Entire Face

Reviewers mention that they thought it would fit more of their face but it does not. It also does not really work well. Reviewers say that the concept is great; however the Calming Heat Therma Mask needs some work. The metal plates are not big enough to cover the main sinus areas of the face. It would also be great if a future model could be wireless.


Does not Heat Entire Face

Reviewers write that the Calming Heat Therma Mask doesn’t sit close enough to your sinus cavities to really heat your face. If it were able to make contact, maybe it would help, but it just doesn’t and it defeats the whole purpose. Reviewers write that the Calming Heat Therma Mask barely gets warm and when it does it’s not warm over the nose or sinuses. Another complaint is that the Calming Heat Therma Mask does not get heat on sinuses on cheeks very well.


Stopped working

One reviewer mentions that the Calming Heat Therma Mask stopped working within 6 months. Another reviewer also writes that it is great for migraine relief. She bought 2 for a friend who suffers from horrible migraines on a regular basis. Bought one in December and one in January as a backup and for when she travels. Both have stopped working. She adds that for 80 dollars they should last longer than 3 months.


Our Verdict On Calming Heat Therma Mask

We do not recommend the Calming Heat Therma Mask as it is not worth the price and does not work as claimed.

Is Calming Heat Therma Mask a unique product – Although Shaper Image claims their product to be revolutionary, we do not think so. The Calming Heat Therma Mask resembles a mask available on Amazon.com by the name “Sniff Relief Heated Electric Sinus Mask“.

Alternatives to Calming Heat Therma Mask that Actually Work

  • PerfeCore Facial Mask
  • Gel Eye Mask with Eye Holes
The good old microwavable gel masks are a good alternative to Calming Heat Therma Mask.