Calming Heat as a Heating Pad for Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain ‘Medical’ or ‘Health’ related products like the “As Seen On TV” Calming Heat, a heating pad that claims in its review to relieve you of neck and shoulder pain when used. According to the makers of Calming Heat, it has been designed keeping in mind the extreme stress that people of today’s era are vulnerable to. Hectic-paced lifestyle, work pressure and long hours before screen- be it in the office or at home (courtesy WFH) are a part of the way of life today. Also, most of us are also become tremendously health-conscious today.

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Working out in the gym is almost the norm today. Exercising there or anywhere else for that matter, tends to result in duress on our bodies, especially in the neck and shoulder. In addition, awry sleeping positions (most likely caused by stress which doesn’t leave us even during sleep) also leads to pain in neck and shoulder regions. Calming Heat, the heating pad that works on electricity, highlights these concerns and recounts how it relieves you of pain by enveloping your neck and shoulder. It claims the key to its effectiveness is that it heats up and infuses comforting warmth when wrapped around your neck and shoulder. It has a rectangular shaped design, which its makers believe is just right to cover all the affected areas and treat them with heat suitably.


Calming Heat and Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain: An Analysis

With respect to the effectiveness of Calming Heat, we need to understand whether heat is really required to get relief from neck and shoulder pain. According to medical experts, heat and compression can diminish pain in your neck and shoulder regions. According to experts, heat provides what is called as therapeutic heating or thermotherapy. It refers to use of heat to obtain relief from pain. A heating pad supplies heat to the tendons and muscles in and around neck and shoulder. It provides gently relief from pain, stiffness and cramps. It also works well in getting relief from inflammation when worn properly. Calming Heat, the electric heating pad, guarantees to do the same when worn around your neck and shoulder. It emits heat when switched on, through which it aims to soothe and treat neck and shoulder pain. Therefore, products like Calming Heat are being manufactured and sold to people experiencing these issues.


Is Calming Heat Really a Quality Heating Pad?

A close look at Calming Heat Pad, however, has a different story to tell. First and foremost, its design, which is rectangular, fails to address the problem areas. Several observations after using it have shown that its shape simply doesn’t work- in fact, it hinders what the product is supposed to do. Besides, working on electricity does not enhance its effectiveness in any way. It tends to produce a burning smell, can stop working since it’s electric, and can pose some risk too. Although it looks impressive on account of its design, fact is, it doers the opposite of what you expect from it.



Overall, Calming Heat falls undesirably short of what it’s designed to do- providing relief from shoulder and neck pain. Its design and shape are simply not cut out to eliminate shoulder and neck pain, which have become worryingly common complaints in the frenzied modern life. Dissatisfied customers have termed Calming Heat a disappointment and waste of money and advise you to stay away from it.