What is Moist Heat?

Moist heat is basically a wet heat source that facilitates penetration of heat into muscles to provide relief to joints, ligaments sore muscles.

What is Dry Heat?

Dry heat refers to any source of heat that uses no moisture to provide warmth into skin. It is a kind of heat therapy that draws moisture out of a person’s skin to treat them.

Moist heat, which is supposed to be more beneficial and safer than the other heat therapy, is recommended for treating pain that is deeper into a muscle. Moist heat can be used on any area of the body to treat pain, hence it can be placed where the pain is more. As the name suggests, dry heat is any source of heat that does not use moisture. It draws moisture out of a person’s skin. It can be used on most areas except for those which have injuries, swelling, redness or inflammation.

Advantages of Moist Heat over Dry Heat

Conveniently Available and Easy to Use: Moist heat is a commonly available method of treating pain which requires no elaborate electrical devices. Dry heat method, on the other hand, requires more intricate forms of heat sources such as a heating pad, electric pad, etc. A hot water bottle is a conveniently available example of moist heat solution. Further, using dry heat is no difficult feat either.

Treats Deep Pain: Moist heat penetrates deeper into muscles to treat pain than dry heat therapy can. No Dryness and Discomfort: Moist heat doesn’t cause dehydration since the source of moisture is external. Unlike dry heat therapy which draws moisture from a person’s skin, replenishment of moisture is not needed in this case.

Safe and Flexible: Using moist heat is safer as it doesn’t need electricity. Moreover, temperature can also be regulated far more simply, which is not easy in case of dry heat therapy.

Advantages of Dry Heat over Moist Heat

More Advanced: Dry heat method uses proper heat generating tools which are sophisticated, unlike moist heat therapy.

Time-saving, Easy to Use and Manage: Dry heat appliances heat quickly and easily. It’s far convenient to manage them as well as they create negligible mess..

What Heat does Calming Heat Pad Produce?

Calming Heat Pad produces dry heat.


Moist heat has more number of advantages than dry heat. The chief advantage that the former has is that it is safer, convenient and more effective in treating pain without causing much inconvenience. At the same time, dry heat also has its advantages and provides relief from pain in certain cases.